Don’t get us wrong. We love flowers. But we feel there should be more than flower prints on the market. Not all of us are smelling of sweet peas. We may like to get our hands dirty and ruin our manicures. We may want to be more than just pretty. We may like carpentry or coding. Fixing our bikes or reading. That doesn’t make us nerds. Just smart and skilled!

No Repeat STUDIO aims to design prints that are a little different, a bit deviant perhaps. For women and men who are non-conformists. Who like to create their own style, regardless of gender expectations. We create patterned items for you. Bold and refreshing with a handmade touch to stand out from the mass produced high street fashion items.


We design for our own label, GIRL MEETS MACHINE. A small collection of garments and accessories will be available from our online shop. It's our pet project and we hope it will grow!


We are available for commission work. We can design a unique pattern especially for your product. It is also possible to have a design digitally printed on a choice of fabrics (minimum 1 meter). Another option is licensing. For instance:

  • An exclusive license of a design for your unlimited use
  • A license for a design to be applied to a specific product (range)
  • A one time license for a limited time and/or product (or collection)

Prices vary from about €50 to €600
Contact us with questions or to discuss details.


Do you like our style? Do you have a product idea in need of an original pattern? We would love to collaborate with you on a project. Drop us a line if you think we would be a good match!