MARIMEKKO: iconic label

If you are a print designer, you have inevitably at some point swooned over marimekko prints. The Finnish label has been around since 1954 and has produced a bunch of iconic prints since. Some have become a bit mainstream through (over) usage on certain products. Think of the Fatboy™ with the bold flower print named Unikko (pic). marimekko x fatboyThis print is seen on so many items that you cannot have missed it. But marimekko has produced countless other, lesser known prints that are equally striking.


It all started when Armi Raita, the wife of the owner of a struggling Finnish printing company called Printex, started to gather young artists around and let them design new fabric prints. When the printed fabric didn’t sell that well, she launched a colourful fashion collection with a catwalk show that made waves. Also internationally, since the newly branded marimekko attended the Milan Triennials from mid-fifties. The range of products has expanded from fashion and bags to homeware and tableware, including beautiful ceramics.

marimekko iconic collabs

Did you know marimekko collaborated with Converse? marimekko for iconic converseBanana Republic? Aesop? And with Target? Check the gallery (click on the main picture) for the results.

marimekko for finnairTheir latest designs for Finnair confirm the label’s legendary status in their home country Finland. Marimekko still manages to inspire every time, they will just not go out of fashion